Walkabout CompassWelcome to Walkabout, a Social Network for travel and tourism junkies designed hopefully to bring us all a little closer together and where we can share our travel experiences.

The phrase walkabout comes from the early 1900s and was coined by indigenous Australians when they would down tools and go into the Australian bush as part of their cultural life. When I was a boy in the 1980s it was a term that was used by everyone to describe any situation where someone has moved away from their expected position. I have vivid memories as a child of sneaking out of class and as I was making my escape could hear the kids tell the teacher “Peter has gone walk about Miss!”

In the context of our website we consider going on walkabout as going on a holiday or travelling to a location we don’t usually frequent, most English speaking people would call that a trip or a holiday. Us Aussies, who are a weird mob, call it going walkabout.

If you can’t get away right now please read through these pages and I am sure you will find some interesting places to visit and read about some amazing adventures our writers have experienced.

If you have a story to tell or an adventure to share we would welcome your story and images just drop me email via the contact form and a sample of your writing.

While we were developing this site we spent a lot of time experimenting with many different styles and colours and designs. We have finally settled on a very simple design. The motivating reason for this is we wanted the site to display quickly and on as many different devices as possible. We particularly wanted it to display well on tablets as many travellers today carry a tablet of some description with them wherever they go.

I am sure you have read enough of my meandering prose and want to get reading something more interesting. Off you go and I hope we will get to meet someday on walkabout.


August 2013