About Josh

Josh is a bare-foot, dread-locked librarian, surfer, writer, blogger, up and coming youtube personality and amateur photographer. He is the father of three young boys and if he had any spare time he would probably spend it lying in a hammock listening to music.

Rottnest Stay Part II

rottnest sunset


It was my first full day to myself on the island and I got up with the sun, wandering down to the Rottnest Island Bakery for a breakfast steak & onion pie, even accepting the $7.00 price tag without too much of a struggle (I am Scottish after all). I had plans to visit every single bay around the island, riding the full 24 km and making it back alive. My hired bike and I had already got off to a bad start the night before when it decided that the chain was an unnecessary burden on its back wheel … but we sorted it out and had come to a gentleman’s agreement!

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Rottnest Island Stay

Josh Under WaterAs somebody who was born and bred in Perth, Western Australia, Rottnest has always been the number one family holiday destination, when I was young it was referred to as an overseas vacation.  For those of you not from Perth, Rottnest Island is 18 km off the coast heading due west from the Fremantle port and is only 11 km long.   [Read more…]