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Graphic designer and photographer based in Perth, Western Australia, you can see more of Tse Yin's work at her web site www.t-adstudio.com

Elephant Rocks

elephant rocks denmark western australia

Elephant Rocks and Elephant Cove, William Bay National Park

Elephant Rocks looks like a herd of elephant, paddling in the shallow waters. It is located in Denmark, Great Southern Region of Western Australia 400 km south of Perth. Denmark boasts world-class natural attractions including the Valley of the Giants, Tree Top Walk and William Bay National Park. Elephant Rocks is also rumoured to have been an aboriginal birthing place over the centuries. [Read more…]

Guided Tours vs Independent Travel – Part II

tseyinClick here for Part I

In my previous article, I have discussed on the benefits of guided tours [link to previous post] may be a good option for majority of travellers. This article will discuss the benefits of independent travel. I have been travelling independently since 1997 when my parents first sent me to New Zealand to study and to also learn to be independent. [Read more…]

Guided Tours vs Independent Travel

tseyinI am a seasoned and pro-independent traveller.

Depending who and where I am travelling to, I will sometimes join a guided tour of a region or participate in a guided tour. There are many benefits to travel in guided tours and the itineraries suits majority of travellers. [Read more…]