The Baths of Budapest

budapest thermal bathsOverhead the storm that had followed us through Europe from Krakow to Budapest roared in the sky and the torrential downpours that we had become so used began once more in earnest. [Read more…]

Wieliczka Salt Mines

Unusually for Poland in mid-June, the rain was coming down in torrents. Our usual holiday past-time of lazing on the Vistula River banks to nurse our Żubrówka hangovers was out, and we’d already ticked off all the obvious major ‘must dos’ of the region. [Read more…]

The Ancient Past at the Colosseum in Rome

colosseumMany centuries ago, the stone walls of the Colosseum in Rome used to echo with the roaring chants of tens of thousands of spectators. They would scream and cheer at the top of their lungs while gladiators drenched in sweat and blood fought each other, Classical mythical dramas were performed or mock sea battles were reconstructed. [Read more…]

Republic of San Marino

Rocca della Guaita castle san marinoNot everyone knows that there are two small countries found within the borders of Italy. One is Vatican City, which is set inside the city of Rome, and the second is San Marino, which is located near the coast of the Adriatic Sea in northeastern Italy. [Read more…]


Liechtenstein_flagLiechtenstein is a small country that is located between Switzerland and Austria. It is technically “The Principality of Liechtenstein,” so it is a leftover of the many small states that made up the Holy Roman Empire. [Read more…]

Capo d’ Orlando

old church

Capo d’ Orlando Church

If you are looking for somewhere to relax, get away from technology and de-stress then look no further than Capo d’ Orlando in Italy. Situated 1.5 hours drive from Palermo in Sicily this small village is the answer to rest and relaxation. [Read more…]


P in ProvenceProvence is a province of the South of France also known as Provence-Alpes-Cote d’Azur it lies between mountains and the Mediterranean Sea and is a sought after holiday destination by holiday makers around the world.

Each time we visit Provence I am left breathless with the beauty of the region.  From the beauty of the Mediterranean Sea which can vary in colour from perfectly clear to a deep green, to the stunning old villas common throughout France.  Everywhere you look you see a postcard, in the summertime the streets are filled with tourists from all over the world. [Read more…]