Eco Beach Review Broome

eco beach walk

The Walk

Winter Escape to Eco Beach, Broome

From the moment my little family and I arrived at Eco Beach, I knew this was the perfect spot for a relaxing holiday, in an isolated but very beautiful part of the Kimberley, just south of Broome. A beautiful resort which would suit all the holiday needs of myself, my husband, and young son. [Read more…]

Rottnest Stay Part II

rottnest sunset


It was my first full day to myself on the island and I got up with the sun, wandering down to the Rottnest Island Bakery for a breakfast steak & onion pie, even accepting the $7.00 price tag without too much of a struggle (I am Scottish after all). I had plans to visit every single bay around the island, riding the full 24 km and making it back alive. My hired bike and I had already got off to a bad start the night before when it decided that the chain was an unnecessary burden on its back wheel … but we sorted it out and had come to a gentleman’s agreement!

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Kangaroo Creek Chalets Pemberton

another native wren“Going down South” is common phrase used by West Australians during the holiday season which for West Aussies is pretty much anytime of the year they can get away from work or school. Heard most often during school holidays when parents will pack up the kids and the dog and head down south during the summer season to escape the heat and the busy city to relax in a more rural environment. [Read more…]

Tasmania Road Trip Part II

hire car tasmania

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We disembarked about 7 am and collected our luggage and called a local taxi service to find our hire car company. The only booking I had made before arriving in Tasmania was the hire car, a Nissan X-Trail, no accommodation was booked. We decided before we left Perth that we wanted to arrive in Tasmania with just the car waiting for us and hit the road and see where it takes us. [Read more…]

Denmark Ocean Beach Holiday Park

denmark accommodationRecently I was sent to Denmark for work, no not the one in Europe with an Australian Princess, the Denmark that is 423 km south west of the West Australian capital, Perth.  It takes about 4.5 hours driving from Perth, it took us about 5.5 hours as we live east of Perth and had to pick up my Dad from Fremantle before turning south. [Read more…]

Rottnest Island Stay

Josh Under WaterAs somebody who was born and bred in Perth, Western Australia, Rottnest has always been the number one family holiday destination, when I was young it was referred to as an overseas vacation.  For those of you not from Perth, Rottnest Island is 18 km off the coast heading due west from the Fremantle port and is only 11 km long.   [Read more…]

Tasmania Road Trip Part I

spirit_of_tasmania_shipThis is part I of our road trip around the apple isle, the first time in Tasmania for my partner and for myself. For those who don’t know Tasmania it is Australia’s most southern state and not physically attached to the main Australian land mass, i.e. it’s an island state. Its closest Australian state is Victoria and they are separated by a sea known as the Bass Straight. [Read more…]

Two Nights In Sydney

circular quayIn July 2011 we spent an all to brief period in Sydney staying at Hotel Blue by the water in the wonderfully named suburb of Wooloomooloo, the hotel was as expected lovely and the location perfect for walking to the Opera House and the Royal Botanical Gardens.  We selected the hotel as it was within walking distance of the Opera House and neither my partner or myself had ever visited the Circular Quay. [Read more…]