Tasmania Road Trip Part II

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We disembarked about 7 am and collected our luggage and called a local taxi service to find our hire car company. The only booking I had made before arriving in Tasmania was the hire car, a Nissan X-Trail, no accommodation was booked. We decided before we left Perth that we wanted to arrive in Tasmania with just the car waiting for us and hit the road and see where it takes us. [Read more…]

Tasmania Road Trip Part I

spirit_of_tasmania_shipThis is part I of our road trip around the apple isle, the first time in Tasmania for my partner and for myself. For those who don’t know Tasmania it is Australia’s most southern state and not physically attached to the main Australian land mass, i.e. it’s an island state. Its closest Australian state is Victoria and they are separated by a sea known as the Bass Straight. [Read more…]