Cheap Hotels and Almost Cheap Flights

Cheap Travel BookingsFast and cheap!  I love fast and cheap! I am nothing if not fast and cheap! And so is it is one of those great hotel and flight booking sites that is very fast and a quick comparison of a few popular hotels shows their pricing is on a par with other similar sites. [Read more…]

Cheap Hotels and Flights

peace brotherSearching for hotels and flights online and making online bookings is one of the booming areas in the online market place. These big booking services all boast the best and cheapest flights and hotels. [Read more…]

Walkabout Travel Partner

walkabout booking.comWe’re pregnant!
No we not really pregnant I only said that to get your attention.

In other news we have joined with as our official Walkabout Travel Partner. has some great features including a “Pay when you stay” policy  you only pay for your hotel when you arrive at the hotel and most accommodation options have a free cancellation policy.
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With or Without You

Couple Travelling SeperatelyDo you and your partner go on holidays together or separately? Do you think it’s healthy for your relationship or detrimental?  Some statistics in the US report up to 60% of couples holiday apart, preferring to holiday instead with other members of their immediately family or with friends. [Read more…]

Guided Tours vs Independent Travel – Part II

tseyinClick here for Part I

In my previous article, I have discussed on the benefits of guided tours [link to previous post] may be a good option for majority of travellers. This article will discuss the benefits of independent travel. I have been travelling independently since 1997 when my parents first sent me to New Zealand to study and to also learn to be independent. [Read more…]

Guided Tours vs Independent Travel

tseyinI am a seasoned and pro-independent traveller.

Depending who and where I am travelling to, I will sometimes join a guided tour of a region or participate in a guided tour. There are many benefits to travel in guided tours and the itineraries suits majority of travellers. [Read more…]