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Cheap Travel BookingsFast and cheap!  I love fast and cheap! I am nothing if not fast and cheap! And so is it is one of those great hotel and flight booking sites that is very fast and a quick comparison of a few popular hotels shows their pricing is on a par with other similar sites. What I like most is the speed it is one of the fastest hotel booking sites I have come across in recent months and it is very easy to navigate. Information is presented in a logical fashion that makes it easy to see at a glance what the hotel will cost and the services on offer.

Photos of the rooms and hotel grounds are also presented very well with large pictures and a responsive slideshow, they also book flights including all the major airlines flying in and out of Australia.  I did a quick check of their flight pricing for Perth (Australia) to Phuket (Thailand) and they were only about $30 more expensive than a local agent we are using for our trip next month.  This seems to be a common issue with online hotel booking sites, they can do very good prices on accommodation and hotels but no so competitive on flights.

Over the coming weeks I will do a full review and price comparison on all the major players to see who is going to give the best price, any predictions? I think its going to be a close call between and

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