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peace brotherSearching for hotels and flights online and making online bookings is one of the booming areas in the online market place. These big booking services all boast the best and cheapest flights and hotels.

Hotel Bookings

Most of the booking sites below have been around for many years now, they embraced the online booking system years ago and have been waiting for the general holidaying public to catch up. And caught up we have with just about everyone I speak to making their bookings online both for hotels and fights.

For hotel bookings I have used a number of the websites below and can usually find some very cheap hotels. Most of my travel is within Australia or South East Asia and there are some very cheap hotel deals to be found in Asia, in particular Thailand and Singapore and Bali.

Flight bookings

For cheap flights I have not been as successful and when I find a cheap flight to Asia or within Australia after I look at the fine print I often find the flight is not appropriate. Particularly with international flights to Asia the cheapest flights usually involve long layovers at airports and countries far from your final destination. A saving of $100 or $200 is not worth a 8 layover in Singapore or Hong Kong when I am flying from Perth to Bangkok. For some people that might be acceptable but I would rather pay the extra and go direct.

I often use the cheap flight sites to research prices and flight times before ringing a traditional booking agent and checking their cheapest fights and often make the booking with the local agent with a direct flight at a cheaper price than the big online booking agents.

So when making your flight booking make sure you check more than one of the sites below and ring a couple of local agents.
One of the biggest sites for making hotel and accommodation bookings is Agoda. They have an excellent website and have won a number of awards and the site is easy to use. Frustratingly they don’t have a mobile version of the site for viewing on a tablet and there is so much information on the screen it is difficult to navigate unless you are on your desktop computer. They do have a mobile app for your ios device and an android version as well.
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One of the oldest if not the oldest online travel booking and discount service on the Internet. Whilst not having a lot of experience with them a quick price comparison of a number of hotels in Sydney shows their prices on par with everyone else. Expedia also book flights as well as accommodation and do some interesting package deals.
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HotelTravel has shown consistently cheaper prices than some of the larger players but only by a few cents. They have received some excellent reviews on the Internet especially for travel within Asia.
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My preferred supplier for hotel and accommodation bookings their web site is fast and easy to navigate with a wide selection of properties available around the globe.
I really like the map feature after a hotel search so you can see clearly where all the hotels are and their relationship to local attractions.
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There are many more travel companies like those above to be found on the internet and over the coming weeks I will post more information as I review them. If you have had any experience with the onces above or any others please leave a reply below.

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