Denmark Ocean Beach Holiday Park

denmark accommodationRecently I was sent to Denmark for work, no not the one in Europe with an Australian Princess, the Denmark that is 423 km south west of the West Australian capital, Perth.  It takes about 4.5 hours driving from Perth, it took us about 5.5 hours as we live east of Perth and had to pick up my Dad from Fremantle before turning south.

I am not a fan of long drives and 5 hours in the car is about as much as I can handle, I had my dad with me so we shared the driving.  While my partner, Took, packed her pillows in the back seat and curled up like a cat and slept almost the whole distance but promptly woke up when it was time for coffee or something to eat!

Denmark Timber Town

Denmark started its life as a timber town in the late 1800s and the town of Denmark grew to a population of over 2000.  By the early 1900s the forests were depleted and the timber industry essentially collapsed.

Today Denmark and surrounding areas are famed for wine production and also growing apples and cattle, there are over 20 wineries in the region.  I was going to do some work for the Willoughby Park Winery and I will write about Willoughby Park in another article, for now you can visit them here

Denmark Wineries

The owners of the winery were kind enough to rent a 2 bedroom Superior Spa Chalet at the Denmark Ocean Beach Holiday Park; it was the off season so the park was at about 1/3 capacity.  Our accommodation was exceptional, very clean, well appointed with very comfortable beds and excellent gas faux fireplace or faux gas fireplace?

Denmark Spa Accommodation

We didn’t try out the spa bath because well it’s hard to be all romantic when one of your parents is in the next room listening but it looked inviting.  The bathroom and kitchen were excellent and have everything you need for a long stay.  Towels and bed linen is provided and all is very good quality.

This was actually our second stay in as many years and on both occasions we could not fault the service, the facilities or the grounds.  The chalet also had a large verandah where we could drink our Denmark wine while watching the kangaroos come in from the bush to graze in the evening.

The grounds are beautiful and feature a lush green grass throughout the park that is ideal for caravans and campers. I am not sure of the area but it looks to be about 15 to 20 acres in the ancient measurements.  It is an ideal place for young families with plenty of opportunities for the kids to explore and play.

Children’s Playground

The children’s playground is one of those places that made me long to be a child again they have a giant jumping pillow which is something I have never seen before and was tremendous fun until we saw the sign that said it was for children only! They had slides and things on springs which are just too much fun for this child man to ignore.  They even have a 9 hole mini golf course which many kids were enjoying while we were there.

Denmark Holiday

At dusk and into the evening many kangaroos enter the park to graze on the grass after the cockatoos have finished in the afternoon.  Having grown up in the city and living close to a highway the quiet of rural Australia is at once startling and soothing, it would be very easy for me to not come home in places like Denmark and the Ocean Beach Holiday Park.

Please click here to visit Denmark Ocean Beach Holiday Park

Apologies for the dark photos it was a dark and rainy weekend!

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