Here is a list of frequently asked questions and our frequent replies.

My favourite holiday destination doesn’t appear in your menu or site, why?
Nobody has written an article or story on it yet, as soon as they do we will add it to our site, you can write one!

I would like to use some of the photos on Walkabout for my project, can I do that?
Maybe, please email our editor with details of your project.

Can I write a story about my travel related business and will you post it?
Yes of course with correct attributions that you are the owner/manager.

Can I advertise my business or website on Walkabout?
Yes please email our editor with details of your proposal.

Can I write an article/story for you?
Of course, we encourage it!

Will you pay me for my story?

How much?
Depends on how good it is, please send our editor a sample of your work.