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walkabout logoNo rest for the wicked or editors! Its been a busy 2 weeks with the launch of Walkabout Travel Network which includes this site and a few others as well which I will post details in a few more weeks. We have organised our trip to Phuket, Thailand in October and we will be staying at the (click to check it out) Horizon Karon Beach Resort and Spa.

My partner and I will be spending a few days in Phuket before she travels to Udon Thani to visit her family and I might travel to Bangkok for a few days to visit some of our friends and extended family.

I am excited about going and getting into the warm weather, its been a long cold winter here in Perth and whilst I love the winter time in Australia, I am feeling the need for some sun and sand.

In other exciting news we are also planning another trip to Hua Hin, Thailand, late February in 2014  with some friends and also tentatively planning on flying over to Tokyo, Japan.  Japan is on my list of Must See Destinations and hopefully we will get there for the start of the Cherry Blossom Festival but it might be a little early in the season.  Another possible candidate for a stop-over is Taiwan since its only a 3 hour flight from Bangkok, my partner has some friends in Taiwan that she used to work with here in Perth and I am sure they would love to see her.

Where are you going next?  Please post a reply below!


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