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editors blog walkaboutI was talking to my Dad the other night and he mentioned how he would like to take the Indian Pacific or The Ghan train from Perth to Sydney or Adelaide, which I think is a great idea and something I have always wanted to do as well.

In our rush to get to our holiday destinations I think we have lost something and don’t consider the actual travelling to be part of the holiday. I know I certainly don’t and consider the flying part of the holiday a necessary evil. For most overseas destinations and long distances nationally we really only have air travel as our only choice if we want to get their quickly. I think why get their quickly why not go slowly and come back slowly and make the journey part of the holiday.

I know you are thinking take a cruise and relax (and get sea sick) and that is a great way to travel and you would be right and its an excellent way to travel. Although you are limited to only travelling on the sea, you can’t take a ship through the desert or over a rain forest, or can you?

Discussing slow travel made me think of the airships of the early 1900’s, yes and just about everyone has that vision of the Hindenburg disaster indelibly etched into our genetic memory. If you don’t know it just Google “Hindenburg disaster”, the footage is every bit as chilling as it was in 1937. The Hindenberg disaster really brought about the end of the great airships. Now 76 years later with newer and hopefully better technologies I think there is a huge market for airship travel.
Could you imagine being 400m from the ground and cruising slowly over the Gibson Desert in Australia sipping a nice Chablis and listening to a string quartet? I wouldnt care if it took 2 weeks to get to Sydney from Perth. So many travel options would open up and not needing huge runway to land many exciting stopovers could be planned.

From my brief internet research some theorists think airship travel may be back on the table with rising fuel costs and improvements in airship technology we might soon be able to book a flight on the Qantas Airship NCC-1001.

Until we can book airship passage and if you want to go slowly and come back slowly then you will have to take the train, please click the link below to visit Great Southern Rail or the Orient Express.



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