The Kee Resort Phuket

Patong Beach

Patong Beach

There is no denying it Phuket is one of our favourite destinations in Thailand, we love to have a drink and party and above all else we love to eat and the quality and variety of food in Phuket is amazing.  From classic Thai street food such as gai tort (fried chicken) and moo ping (grilled pork skewers) or if classic restaurant dining is more your style you will find some very classy seafood and European style eateries.

We have stayed at a number of different hotels in Phuket but one of our favourite so far is The Kee Resort located very close to the infamous walking street and gogo bars and night clubs.  Just an easy 1 minute walk and you are in the heart of the Phuket night life surrounded by bars and great places to eat and drink.

The Kee Resort is very clean, contemporary and quite new, the room we had was spacious with a great bathroom and very large and comfortable bed, I like the bed to be soft and the pillows large so it was perfect for me.  The only criticism we have of the room is the bathroom doors were not lockable.

With so many places to eat close to the hotel we never tried any room service but I am confident the food would be adequate but why eat in the hotel when there are so many options just a short walk from your room?

When looking for a resort style holiday we always look for a pool bar and the Kee Resort has a great bar with staff that are a lot of fun.   The pool itself is located at the centre of the property with the hotel towering around it which does make the water a little cool and it doesn’t get much sun during the day.   The atmosphere and good selection of drinks available more than make up for it and if you travel  to Thailand in the hottest part of the year the sheltered aspect will be quite pleasant.  We were there at the coolest time of the year (January/February) so found it a little cold at first but after a few drinks we didn’t mind 

The Kee Resort features a roof top bar and restaurant featuring Western Style food which we tried once but found it a little too expensive and the food was a bit too western for us although I think many people will enjoy it.  We have a preference for Thai street food and with so many excellent street vendors and roadside eateries very close to the hotel we never went back to the roof top bar.

Something else we quite liked about the Kee Resort was the guest it attracts, we talked to many people from different cultures and many different age groups which for us makes for a more interesting resort holiday.

The Kee Resort is also located within walking distance of Patong Beach which is one of the nicest beaches in Thailand, the road you have to cross to get to the beach is quite busy so exercise due care!  Along Patong Beach road there are many bars and restaurants to choose for lunch and dinner and many open for breakfast.

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