My first From The Editors Desk post, so exciting!

I have had this desire to create a Travel related web site for many years now and first registered the domain name walkabout.net.au nearly 10 years ago and have had a few small sites running under the domain. I was always time poor and couldn’t devote enough hours to develop the sites as they should have been.

Today I am in a better position and have time to allocate to developing the site and a clear plan for the sites future. Like you I have read many travel websites and travel blogs and I am often overwhelmed by the amount of advertising on the site and at times struggle to distinguish between genuine travel stories and advertorials.

Genuine Stories From Real Travellers

With Walkabout I hope to create a site that is filled with genuine travel stories from real people written in their own words in their own style. We cant get away from the fact that websites like Walkabout still need to pay their way so you will still see some advertising on here and some paid advertorials. However I will keep it to the bare minimum and try and keep the overall site as transparent to readers as possible so you can see what is a genuine travel experience and what is a paid advertorial.

Another personal bug bear I have with travel sites is that they often look different or work differently on difference devices. I wanted to create a site that looks the same on your windows PC as it does on your iPad and the same on an Apple PC and the same on your Android device. And I also want simplicity, a very clean and simple design that is easy to navigate.

The other day I was with a client looking at websites, someone from my generation but a little bit older (I am generation Xer) and he was showing me some websites in Internet Explorer 10. He was opening pages from Google or pulling them from his recently visited sites list. It was laborious to watch and as it was taking him minutes to do things that should take seconds and seconds to do things that should take no time at all. I said to him to open up some new tabs and just put the sites in there and we can flick through them quickly. He didn’t know what I was talking about and had no idea you could open multiple websites in one browser session. Once I taught him what to do he was suitably amazed and began to work much quicker almost straight away.

That got me to thinking about some of the websites I have created and some of the websites I use and I realised that there is a large part of the population who may not really understand how to use some of these sites effectively or efficiently. Google Search is a classic example it is so easy to use and doesn’t change almost everyone can search with Google now.

So my plan for Walkabout is to keep it very simple, no flashing automatic scrolling panels, no complex menu systems a straight forward simple and clean design. It may at times look a bit dated but we need it to display on multiple platforms and look the same on all platforms and so easy to use that anyone can find information they seek.

The Final Word

Well that’s enough from me for today Dear Reader, if you would like to write a travel story please send me a sample of your work to editor@walkabout.net.au

August 2013

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