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Couple Travelling SeperatelyDo you and your partner go on holidays together or separately? Do you think it’s healthy for your relationship or detrimental?  Some statistics in the US report up to 60% of couples holiday apart, preferring to holiday instead with other members of their immediately family or with friends.

I have read some quite differing points of view on the subject the last few days and though it was time to put fingers to keys and throw in my 2 cents.  My partner and I whilst we don’t usually go on holidays separately she will often travel over seas to see her family 2 or 3 times per year and I will sometimes stay at home.  She tells me that she enjoys her time apart and always looks forward to coming home and seeing me again.

This year we are holidaying together for a few days before she leaves to visit her family and I will stay on at our original destination with my family.  I don’t think it will be a problem for either of us and I am looking forward to ordering room service when I want it, watching satellite TV to 2am and going to  see things that I want to see and not going shopping! I think our time apart will be healthy for us and will not cause any problems.

In previous years I have not always been able to travel with her due to work commitments so I have stayed home while she has travelled with family and friends.  At times she has been gone up to 4 weeks and whilst we have missed each other the time apart we feel it has made our relationship stronger.

We have precious little time away from work for holidays and what if you both have different ideas about what constitutes a good holiday?  Do you compromise and meet somewhere in the middle so neither of you are perfectly happy with the holiday location? Is that even a good holiday?

I enjoy a holiday in a quiet location away from the madding crowd and my partner enjoys the city and having many other colourful people around.  I have to admit I enjoy the city holiday too but quickly tire of all the people and long for a quieter environment.

Holidaying apart does seem like a great idea to me and I think it could work for us.

Absence makes the heart grow fonder they say and some professional psychologists agree and others argue that if you want to or are happy to holiday without your partner then maybe you shouldn’t be together.

What do you think?

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